Masterly Design Kit

The new block designs for the next chapter of masterly builder are here! Expertly crafted with conversion in mind,

this collection of 500+ blocks will enable you to create awesome webpages in minutes.

Modern, beautiful block designs

ready to be added to your page

Light & Dark versions available

The new block designs for the next chapter of Masterly builder are here! Expertly crafted with conversions in mind, the masterly design kit is a collection of 500+ blocks that will enable you to create websites in minutes.

Hero Headers

These 70 blocks will be the main attraction of your page.


Helpful blocks for your inner page content.


No site is done without a contact form. Here are some contact block examples

Call To Action

These blocks can help influence your visitors actions and improve page conversions.


Who says text-only blocks should look boring? Have a look at these examples below:


Great examples of how to showcase your team members and their skills.


Pricing table blocks that are designed to improve sales.


Feedback and social proof sections are almost mandatory in a modern website.

10 Styles for colors & typography

With a quick swap, you can select one of our 10 pre-

made styles of fonts and colors. This allows you to

change the look of your entire website in seconds.

Each and every style is tailor made to suit the new

Masterly design kit and guaranteed to match.

How to use the kit?

In order build website pages with these designs, just download the FREE version of masterly Builder and add them

to your page. Because some blocks use premium features or elements, they are only available in PRO version.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to create a webpage using the Masterly